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The real world is much more complex than a few circles, squares or rectangles. Let's try to make something that doesn't force me to shoot repeatedly at recognizable geometric shapes. But at the same time it helps me to improve in the management of distances and acquisition speed.


You can make single or multiple calls (up to 6 calls). Choose a numeric interval (for example from 10 to 100) and the app will make numeric calls selecting the numbers within the interval at random. You can work on simple numbers (ex. from 1 to 9) or on two-digit or three-digit numbers sequences that force you to sum up the called numbers in order to aim to the single number on the target (ex. if the call is 432, you add 4+3+2, than you aim at number 9 on the target.


"Grid" gives you the opportunity to make single or multiple calls based on the intersection of two axes (X and Y), so that you have to mentally visualize on the target the intersection of the axes.


"Colors" provides two different training modes. By choosing the first one, the app will make color calls, randomly changing the color of the word; for instance, if you see RED in green letters, you can aim at the green or at the red color: this creates a cognitive dissonance between what you read and what you see. 
By choosing the second mode you enable numeric sequences following the display of a color (ex. RED 2-BLU 5).