Targets for training the fundamentals of shooting.

This area of the site was created to share the target sets that i use for shooting sessions. Is dedicated exclusively to the training of the single shooter, especially for those who train in closed range with the possibility of using only one target at a time. These are some of the diagnostic targets we use in our workouts.

Fundamentals 01

Fundamentals 02

Fundamentals 03

Fundamentals 04

The last 12

A final test to check your performance. 2 hits for each box on the sides with two hands. 2 hits to the right triangle with the control hand. 2 hits with the left hand to the left triangle. Take time and date for future evaluations.

Advanced targets

Advanced targets 01

The first target designed for those who have acquired excellent control of the fundamentals of shooting. Magazine with 12 rounds. The first two on the central point. The remaining 10 on the two rectangles at the base of the sheet. Move the sights from right to left and vice versa as quickly as possible. Here too, the management of the trigger reset and of all the fundamentals must be excellent. This target can be used at the start of training, cold, to check your training level.

Advanced targets 02

The second of the advanced series is based on a great classic, the stress test". In this target we use 10 dots to be hit in sequence. The difficulty lies in two factors, the first is given by the size of the dot, the second by the movement sequence which forces the shooter to change vertical and horizontal direction to the end. Ten shots. That's all. Test your consistency.